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Episode 1: "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong"

It's June 30, 1976 and it's the day of the Talent Show at O' Ryan's Pub.   Mallory O' Ryan and Dolores Taylor reminisce about the past,  while their daughters Amy and Summer face the end of their friendship.

Premieres September 29

Episode 2: "Hair of the Dog"

Episode 2: "Hair of the Dog"

Summer apologizes to Amy for her betrayal and Mark sells his "baby" to Woody Peters.

Premieres September 29

Episode 3: "Summer Heat"

Mark has a surprise visitor at the garage while Mallory holds last minute auditions for The Talent Show.

Premieres September 29

Episode 4: "Make-up and Shag"

Summer gets a new look. Benny pops the question.  Mark plans to do more than sing at the Talent Show.

Premieres October 6

Episode 5: "Can You Hear Me In The Back?"

Mallory and Benny get ready for the Show tonight. Amy models her new dress and rehearses her number with Diego.

Premieres October 13