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Welcome to Season 3 of Soap and Bubbles! Open the Season 3 tab and click on the episode links and you will be directed to YouTube where you can view each of our new episodes!


Welcome to Soap and Bubbles and the Premiere of Season 2!

This project has been a labor of love and a celebration of the shows I grew up watching - vintage soap operas and sitcoms from the 70s and 80s. I guess you could say Soap and Bubbles is a "soap-com".


To say that I am an "amateur film maker" would be quite a stretch of the imagination.

I have no professional or even amateur experience in television or film, other than as an audience member.  My background is in theatre - acting, directing and producing and I currently work full time as a costume designer and a Vintage Clothing Boutique owner.  I write too, as a hobby.

During the heart of the pandemic, I got this crazy idea that I would write and film a little show that I dreamed up, despite having no knowledge of filming anything and no financial resources.  With the proverbial shoe-string budget and a little help from my talented friends, Soap and Bubbles, Season 1 was born and premiered on YouTube last September. You can catch up on Soap and Bubbles Season 1 and view all ten mini episodes by clicking "More" on the tool bar of the Home Page here!

Since the first season, I kept dreaming up more vintage soapy hijinks and filmed the current season over this past spring and summer. These all-new episodes take place on Christmas Eve, 1976, six months after the final episode of Season 1.  All of your favorite characters are back at O' Ryan's Pub, with a couple of great new additions.

This time around, we had the same budget of zero, the same group of talented friends and we filmed it like an old-time soap, with little to no rehearsal and a very short filming session. I want to thank everyone who worked in front of the camera and behind the scenes for co-creating this dream with me. I am grateful to EVERYONE who helped me in any way.

I invite you to take this nostalgic, eight-episode journey with me and watch what happens back in 1976.

Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you for watching!

Dan Schulz

Creator, Soap and Bubbles

IG @soapandbubblestv


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